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C-Parts Management

From experience, we know that every company has individual requirements for the procurement of C-parts. With know-how, a strong partner network and a lot of attention to detail, we can actively support you in making the procurement of your auxiliary and operating materials more efficient via systematic C-parts management.

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System Supply

In addition to industry, location and work processes, many other factors determine the unique requirements of each company for the supply of auxiliary and operating materials. We support you with regard to your individual requirements with a set of flexibly configurable delivery modalities and are thus always able to create the logistics plan that suits you best.

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The procurement of C-parts in large manufacturing industrial companies is characterised by many individual orders and a high procurement effort with, at the same time, a low volume and less active use of these parts. We meet this challenge with efficient e-procurement systems that enable an automated and structured procurement process through defined requirements.

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Procurement Management

We see procurement as a value-added process whose potential for success we want to open up and secure together with our customers. That is why we offer our customers procurement management as a comprehensive and customised service that brings many advantages.

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Product substitution

Despite their low value in the manufacturing process, C-parts in many cases represent complex purchasing items that require a high level of product expertise. This also makes the search for replacement products an elaborate process that entails the need for intensive product research and data harmonisation. As your professional service partner, we take this responsibility off your hands while working efficiently and professionally.

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Logistics service

Based on the many individual requirements for C-parts logistics, companies face very different challenges when being supplied with auxiliary and operating materials. In contrast to a simple freight forwarder, we therefore offer you not only the classic standard deliveries but also a variety of customised logistics concepts that are not only tailored to your personal needs but also to your internal processes.

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With a well-predictable consumption of articles, a harmonious portfolio and good article availability, companies often use Kanban systems for the procurement of C-parts. With our many years of experience in this area, we can support you in the demand-oriented supply of C-parts according to the Kanban principle, even with highly automated production processes.

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PSA Consulting

Due to the enormous relevance for work safety, a very high level of product expertise is required, especially in the selection of personal protective equipment (PPE). Not only our many years of experience but also our access to a very large variety of products in this area enables us to offer customised PPE solutions.

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Clothing Service

When it comes to workwear, the most important thing is that your employees and colleagues feel comfortable in it and identify with the company. That's why we have been offering you a very comprehensive service in the field of workwear for many years: from fitting to laundry service and alteration tailoring to logo and emblem service - we support you in the clothing of your employees.

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